Your Health evolves around three steps

The first step is to acquire knowledge

The next step is to decide

The last step is to take action

You have to complete this cycle on a regular basis – what you learn today may be overcome by better options tomorrow.  You may find that your body reacts differently than others – you might need to adjust you actions slightly to achieve your desired results.

Imagine for a moment, that you could live your life without any prescription medicines.  I don’t think it is that hard to imagine.  However, today it is common to find many people taking multiple prescription medicines for ailments/conditions/problems/diseases that might be handled with alternative options.

Red’s Health Tips was developed from years of casual interest, evolving into peaked curiosity, then into a near passion about health, nutrition, fitness and natural options.  Red wants to share his knowledge with as many people as he can.  Red has been healthy his whole life – never been on any prescription medicines other than a minor bout of something that required immediate attention.

Red prefers to use natural solutions to any health problem he encounters.  But, foremost, Red doesn’t want to encounter any health problems – so, he works on prevention for better health – and, he want to share his knowledge and wisdom with you.

Red has found it interesting that the vast majority of people he knows take at least one prescription medicine.  Is it because the majority of doctors prefer to prescribe?  That is definitely a possibility, especially since nutrition is not one of their core competencies.  Doctors are very good at what they do – and, we need them.  But, they cannot be an expert in every field – that is why there are so many specialists.

I believe your doctor should be your consultant on serious health problems.- that’s the way I use mine.  Doctors must protect themselves again litigation – once they know you have a problem, they will prescribe medicines based on their knowledge and wisdom.  They have to do it.  They can’t ‘recommend’ something that hasn’t stood the test of time in our legal system.  They are looking out for Number One – themselves.

You should be looking out for your Number One – YOU!  Find out what your options are, make a decision and then take action.  Your action might be to take a natural product and then get retested.  Your action might be to take a prescription drug and monitor your side effects to see if you want to continue that particular drug.  You have lots of options.  Your health becomes the result of the decisions you made in your life and the actions you took.

Red will provide interesting insights into many health-related areas that will add value to your life.  It is his hope that you will evaluate this information, verify it to your satisfaction, and take any appropriate action that you need to better your own health.  Information is so easy to obtain today – and, it is also easy to verify and refute.

Recognize that everyone is different and that your unique system might not respond identically with everyone else.  This is seen all the time with changes in dosages and changes in prescription medicines.  Why not try some options that don’t have the extensive side effects you can find with most prescription medicines.

You are responsible for your health – not your doctor.

Get informed, verify, and take the best action you can take.


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